Thursday, July 13, 2017


     Hey everyone!! Hope you're having a great day!
     I thought I would just announce on here that I will be switching to WordPress! Well, I've actually already made the switch as of today! This blogpost account will still be up, as well as all my posts and everything, but every post I've ever made is now on WordPress, where the rest of my posts will be from now on, and I've also revamped my style ;) I would very much appreciate it if you followed me over there and checked it out, maybe leave a couple comments.
     My WordPress:
     I've had a great run with Blogger, and as of today I have over 3500 views from all around the globe ad it's so sad making this switch, but I just feel that it'll be easier in the long run to follow and connect with you guys!
     Who knows, maybe if I don't like it as much, I'll switch back! My next few posts will still make it over here, I think, I'm not sure because I haven't decided if I'll do that or not.
     So, with that, thank you all very much! My first blog post on here was July 16, 2015 and it's a little bittersweet that my 2 year blogiversary won't be on here *cries* but I hope to catch up with you all on WordPress! Thank you all so much for the support you've given me these past two years and for welcoming me into the bookish community, it's really been amazing ❤❤ Love you all ❤❤


  1. I've been thinking for a while whether I made the right decision starting by blog over at Blogger instead of wordpress... Do keep us posted on your progress and whether you like it more! I might be doing the same thing if it works fine for you :) Good luck!

    1. Honestly, I love wordpress now!! Getting the site to look how I wanted it to exactly took a while, but the transition was so easy! I'm going to be making a blog post about the transition when I get everything all figured out and that will be up on my wordpress blog. I would definitely say it's worth the transition and I've already gotten more followers on that blog than I ever had on here.
      Good luck! If you make one, let me know the link so I can follow you there :)